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First Steps for Parents in the Neonatal Unit

This little book guides parents through the first few days as they meet their new baby on the neonatal unit. This is a time when parents tend to be inundated with information and want something small and easy to follow as they begin their journey. It is linked to the popular "Caring for your Baby on the Neonatal Unit: a Parents' Handbook" which includes information that they will need about parenting their baby throughout their time in the neonatal unit. Get your free copy when you order "First Steps for Parents in the Neonatal Unit" . Contact info@ealy babies for our summer special offer: 50 copies of "First Steps" when you order 10 copies of Caring for your Baby in the Neonatal Unit: £130.00.


Summer 2019 edition now available. If you haven't subscribed and want to catch up contact us at info@early babies to get your free copy.

FINE Masterclass

December 9th 2019
St. Albans Centre, London EC1N
FINE – NIDCAP Masterclasses are open to all who have taken part in FINE Level 2 "Practical Skills" and NIDCAP training.

These multidisciplinary events are an opportunity to network, keep up to date and share good practice in Infant and Family Centred Developmental Care. They are led by specialist practitioners and parents are invited to participate. Programmes include presentations of the main topics followed by discussion groups, and short presentations on innovative practice.

Programme for December 2009 in preparation.
Contact admin@earlybabies for more information

FINE Level 3: Innovations

This is the third step in the Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education programme. It is a project based course designed to support systems change. Currently in a pilot phase with support from Bliss.

Participants take on a case study and a quality improvement project with support from an experienced mentor. The course work is expected to take a year, fitted around usual work committments.

For more information contact

View Closeness and Separation Photo-project

We asked mothers from different countries to send us a picture from their time in the NICU and tell us what was special about it. This video is an assembly of their pictures and words that we put together to remind us, on World Prematurity Day, what is important to parents. View on our facebook page

Practical Skills for Family Centred Developmental Care: FINE Level 2.

Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) Level 2. This intermediate level course follows on from the Level1, Foundation Toolkit, which applicants must have completed to be eligible for Level 2. "Practical Skills" is suitable for all neonatal professionals. After an introductory study day participants follow ten weekly work plans, each of which involves an observation exercise in the neonatal nursery and reflective writing that is sent to an assigned mentor to review. Site assessment tools are provided for evaluating practice. After completion of the coursework the group meet again for a seminar and evaluation process. A high quality printed work book is provided .

As with Level 1, this course is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing, endorsed by the NFI, and is supported by Bliss and the EFCNI. It has received high levels of interest worldwide and is now licensed for Australia, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, France, Argentina, the Netherlands and USA, with trainees from 18 countries.

Start dates:
August 1st. London.
September 17th. Dublin. Contact:
October 4th. Bristol. Contact:

Contact for more information.

Foundation Toolkit for Family Centred Developmental Care: FINE Level 1.

Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE): Level 1.
This 2 day course covers the scope of family and infant centred developmental care and the evidence that supports it. The FINE programme integrates 6 themes that support neuroprotective and relationship based care: developmental theory, observation of babies, family participation, reflective practice, systems organsiation and evidence based practice. These themes are woven into topics that are the basics of neuroprotective care such as brain development, behavioural observation, sleep protection, attachment, feeding, sensory and motor development, stress and pain. Presentations and workshops encourage interactive learning and a beautifully designed course handbook is provided.

For information please contact

This course has been endorsed by the NIDCAP Federation International and is supported by Bliss in the UK and by the EFCNI in Europe. Currently course fees are £350 per person, with 40 the maximum number.

Dates and locations coming up in 2019-20
September 18-19: South West Network in Bristol
October 10-11: Northern Ireland at Antrim:
Novemeber 25-26: London at University College Hopsital
November 28-29: Bristol
January 10-11: East of England
January 24-25 East of England

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