“Caring for your Baby in the Neonatal Unit” is a handbook for the parents of premature babies in a newborn intensive care or special care baby unit. It is about the vital part that parents play, right from the start, as they get to know their baby and provide the loving care their baby needs..


What parents say about “Caring for your Baby on the Neonatal Unit”…

“a tremendous book for parents. Very, very impressed. I so wish I had access to this information when we occupied the NICU….”

Mother of a 24 week gestation preterm baby girl.

“Your book is going down a storm with parents.”

Psychologist working on a neonatal unit.

“I was in hospital for 2 weeks before my baby was born and I wish I had had your book right from the start while I was in the maternity wing.”

Mother of 29 week gestation preterm baby.

“It is a very beautiful, easy to read book. I gave to a mum yesterday to read while she was doing kangaroo care …. she loved it.”

Neonatal nurse.

“I wish I’d had this book a year ago when I became the mum of a 30 week preemie.”

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